Department of Vocation Studies and Management is one of the important divisions of IITS with more than 50 centres conducting courses of Om Sterling Global University, Haryana and Sri Venkateswara University U. P.  IITS functions as the South Indian programme coordinator of these universities and acts as the intermediary between the universities and educational institutions. In this sense, IITS is an integral part of the universities’ activities.  On the strength of the MoU signed with the universities we partner with the activities of the universities. IITS provides exam support and arranges online exam centres on behalf of the universities. Department of Vocation Studies and Management of IITS facilitates  B .Voc Courses  which form  an important part of  National Education Program ( NEP).

B .Voc Courses are professional under- graduate courses conducted with the collaboration of esteemed universities in India which bears high UGC accreditation status and value in the employment market of different industry verticals. Here the students enrolled are inducted to the industry as apprentice to gain practical knowledge along with theory sessions under qualified teachers as stipulated by the respective universities. The course curriculum contains 60% practical content and 40% theory. The courses are conducted collaborating with the right universities which conduct examinations and award certificates of qualification. By the time the students pass the examinations they become the masters of the trade developing insights into the future professional world with specific skills and deep knowledge in the discipline.  These courses are not off campus in the conventional sense but they belong to the extended campus of the university which renders dignity and status to the degree so acquired. We aim to deliver extra ordinary education and skill training through collaboration with professional education institutes as well as consultants. Those who are already employed and desire for upgrading their qualifications for career improvement can utilize this facility.

Our Partner Universities

1).OM Sterling Global University , Hariyana

2).Sri Venkateswara University, U. P.

Our Industrial Training Partners

1.KIMS college

2.Global Institute of Paramedical Sciences

3.IRIS Institute of Paramedical Sciences

4.PMSA college of Paramedical Sciences & Management

5.Nav Bharath Science College

6.Shihab Thangal College of Paramedical Science

7.Adithya Institute of Paramedical Sciences

8.DRM Institute of Paramedical Sciences

  1. National Institute of Medical Technology

10.Jilu Medical Institute