The Directors- The Power that Propels

As it is well known, the birth and growth of any institution depends on the men behind the endeavour. Fortunately enough, IITS is guided by imaginative and zealous young men who had already proved their mettle in various fields of services and activities for the last several years. Their selfless dedication for service lies behind the success of IITS.

Mr.Muhammad Rashid, MA Education LL.B.

Mr. Muhammad Rashid is the Co- founder and Director of Institute of Integrated Training and Studies, Delhi., who is also the Chairman and founder of  Principle Institute of Management and Technology. Being  a post graduate in Education M. A. (Education) Mr. Muhammad Rashid has been leading a  successful career  in the field of  coaching and professional education  for the last 14 years. His vast and deep experience in guiding students in the world of knowledge is one of the solid strengths of IITS.

Adv. Shoukath Ali Pootheri , M. B. A; LL.B.

Adv. Shoukath Ali Pootheri the Co- founder and Director of Institute of Integrated Training and Studies, Delhi., is an advocate  and  an educationalist  who has been in the field of education for the last 14 years. In addition to it, he is the Founder Director of TIMS Eduaction, Kerala with branches in Malappuram Dist. of Kerala, which emerges as the leading educationally forward area from its initial backwardness. The active presence of Adv. Shoukath Ali is visible in development of IITS as premier educational institution in the field of Education technology.

Mr. Sumith Vijayan. B. A.(Tourism and Travel Management)

Mr. Sumith Vijayan, Co-founder and Director of Integrated Training and Studies, Delhi is also the Director TRV Travels India, Private Ltd, and Founder of Capital Institute of Advanced Learning. He is an expert in embassy Attestation, MEA Services and legal procedures related to emigration and immigration and has been in the field for the 12 years. He serves as the king pin in spreading the services of IITS abroad.

Mr. Abdul Aslam. B.B.A; LL.B.

Mr. Abdul Aslam the Co- founder and Director of Institute of Integrated Training and Studies, Delhi., is a progressive enthusiast in the fields of  Education and Legal services. He is a data flow expert and the Director of Brilliance In’t Attestation and Apostille  Private Ltd, India, and Co- founder and Director of Brilliance Document clearance UAE  and provides procedure support to emigrants for the last 16 years. The services of Mr. Abdul Salam in keeping rapport with the educational institutions outside India especially the west Asian countries helps IITS to register its growth outside India.

Message from the Directors

“My life is my message” –said Gandhiji. What he meant is that not the misleading ‘word’ but the real ‘deed’ is that what matters. Paying homage to the most revered soul we reiterate his life message undertaking the bounden responsibility to act for and serve the fellow beings in our field of activity. Education to us is not a worthless pursuit as it has turned to be fruitless in the present day scenario. Improving the quality of life has been the ideal we have been seeking for rather than spreading education with of growth of degree and diploma holders which we consider a futile and wasteful effort.

IITS is the result of search and research for long years in the field of educational technology to find a solution for the short comings of the present day system of education which makes large of students belonging to different socio- economic strata deprived of their privilege to gain knowledge and acquire academic qualification for improving their career and life owing to various social and economic reasons. IITS hope that the services we render will help them to strengthen themselves by building up confidence and capabilities and realize what they seek after. Like every proud Indian we pray, “ Lokah samasthah: sukhino bhavanthu.”